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Whiffleball Wizardry and the 2010 World Championships

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Whiffleball made it possible for any kid in the neighborhood to throw a curve ball that had more movement than those thrown by major league pitchers in baseball. It wasn’t hard to do, because Wiffle® balls have air vents that make it naturally vulnerable and reactive to air currents when thrown.


Of course, some kids had more wiffle skill than others. The most difficult thing to master in whiffleball was throwing it fast and hitting it far. When batting, it was usually better to hit a line drive than a fly ball, as the air often held the higher hit balls up long enough for the fielders to catch. It was unusual to hit a home run in whiffleball, but not impossible.

Here’s a guy who definitely figured out a way to put some heat (and serious movement) on his wiffle ball pitches…

Check out the whiffleball wizard on YouTube!

If you think that you still have what it takes to be a Whiffleball wizard, why not get some of the gang together and register for the 2010 Whiffle Ball National Championships in Stokie Park, Illinois?

The 2010 national tournament, set for June 26 is sanctioned by the World Whiffleball Commission and leads up to the oldest and largest tournament of them all — the annual World Whiffleball Championship in Mishawaka, Indiana.

Whether you write it whiffle ball, whiffleball, wiffle ball or wiffleball — it’s one hell of a game.

Get your game on!

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