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Rock, Paper, Scissors (The Documentary)

Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) was often used to decide who went first in a game or which brother got to have the last piece of chocolate cake after dinner. Normally, it was a best-out-of-three contest. But rock, paper, scissors was so popular that it became a game by itself even when nothing needed to be decided. It only took a few seconds and could be played anywhere — in a car, in the hall, on a bus, in a plane, on the beach, in the rain. You get the idea.

Well, it became so popular that two brothers from Canada decided to form the World RPS Society and turn the childhood game into a competitive sport.

“…when Rock Paper Scissors fanatics converge on the World RPS Championships, they’re caught between big business, talk show pundits, Playmate mascots, and a battle of good versus evil that asks the question: Can purity beat commerce?..”

There was such a positive response to this idea, that a documentary took shape; although it appears that they are still looking for funding to complete the project. Here’s a trailer:

If you would like to see this documentary produced, feel free to donate something to the brothers and the crew. The fate of the rock, paper, scissors documentary – and perhaps rock, paper, scissors itself is in our hands.