The Super Pinky

The Super Pinky was one of the most versatile balls used in childhood games when I was growing up in New York. It is a spongy, rubber ball that gave a good bounce and was soft enough to play punchball with. It was also a good choice for stoopball or stepball.


My most vivid memory of the Super Pinky involved a punchball game that I was playing in the Assumption School courtyard (a great place to play punchball.) I whacked the ball and was rounding third toward home when I slid on the tarmac and landed with a thud on my elbow. I was in a sling for a month after that, but the memory makes me smile. What a great feeling when your fist connects solidly with a Super Pinky! I never found out if we scored a point for that hit. I surely would have made it to home before the throw came in.

What did you use a Super Pinky for?

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