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The Search for Treasure

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As children, we search for treasure constantly — literally and figuratively. We are constantly on the hunt for those little trinkets of wonder — a quest that consumes us and makes the ordinary extraordinary. A friend from my hometown of Peekskill wrote about his childhood quest for bottle caps recently on his occupational therapy blog.

“…As ten year old kids we would comb the streets, parking lots, teenage Friday night hangouts, and anywhere else that might provide us with a yield of new and different bottle caps that no one else had.

We called these locations “spots,” as in ‘I found the most awesome “spot”. These “spots” were highly guarded secrets and we would spy on each other to find out where the other person’s “spots” were. Deception was frequently used – once Brian and Dave told me that their new “spot” was far far away, and they would disappear from the neighborhood for hours, presumably on their bikes on a trip to their “spot.” Turns out that their “spot” was at the deli around the corner that used to dump their broken beer shipments in back of the store…”

We lived across the street from the Annsville woods on Lockwood Drive in Peekskill, New York. There was a steep bank going down into the woods, and I spent many hours searching in the loose, eroding soil of that bank. I found so many glass bottles that appeared to be very old. I’m also pretty sure that I found some authentic Indian and Revolutionary War relics, but never brought any of it in to be appraised. To me, they were treasures that did not need confirmation from any experts. The excitement of the quest is what fueled me each day. The wonder of each discovery was payment enough.

What did you search for when you were a child? What things did you collect?

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