Punchball Rules

There are few moments as exciting for a young sportsman as when he throws a Super Pinky ball at a runner heading for first base on the street. The possibility of missing the runner and allowing him to advance even further is a risk that many of us took. There aren’t too many games that allow you to throw a ball at someone. So we often took the opportunity when we could. When your throw was on and the ball hit the runner’s back just before he reached the base, the satisfaction was immediate and immense. Punchball is one of the greatest street games played with one of the all-time greatest balls made – the classic Super Pinky.

Here are the rules to play Punchball:

What you need: Your fist and a rubber ball (ideally a super pinky!)

Standard baseball rules apply to punchball for the most part except that there is sometimes no pitcher as the batter bounces the ball to himself. In punchball, players strike the ball with their closed fist, using their hand instead of a bat.

Also, unlike baseball, foul balls are considered strikes. In punchball, there are two teams. The players determine how many innings will be played and how many outs are allowed per team each inning. Runners can be tagged out and forced out.

But, in contrast to baseball, runners in punchball can also be thrown out if hit with the ball when running to a base. This is a risky play for the defender, because if he misses the runner, the ball can escape and the runner can advance.

The object of the game is to score more runs than the other team in the number of innings agreed.

What a game!

What are your memories of punchball?

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