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How to Play Steal the Bacon

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I just discovered a new (to me) beer on the market. Schlenkerla’s märzen, a smoked, bacon flavored beer.

At first glance, I thought that it was a joke. Bacon-flavored beer? Surely they jest. But after a few seconds, it dawned on me — what better combination? Before I became a vegetarian, anything with bacon was better.

Childhood games are no exception — and Steal the bacon is an all-time classic childhood game!

How to play Steal the Bacon

What you need: A good bacon beer (I’m kidding!) A glove or ball will do.

Two teams are picked for this game. If there is an extra person, they can be the referee. The bacon (the glove or ball) is placed in the middle of the field of play, equidistant between the two teams. Each team member is assigned a number from one to ten. When the referee shouts out a number, that number from each team comes forward on their side. No other players from either team can go over their line into the field of play.

When the referee shouts “Go!”, both players approach the bacon in the middle. The object of the game is to grab the bacon from the ground and run back to your side without getting tagged by the other player. If this is done, your team gets a point. If you get tagged, the other team gets a point.

This game involves some strategy. Some players race in trying to beat the other player to the bacon. Other times, it becomes a chess game, with each player waiting to see who snatches the bacon first (like two dogs next to a bone). A player can only be tagged after she grabs the bacon.

The first team to score ten points wins.

In another version of Steal the Bacon, several numbers are called in at once, creating teams. The strategy really heats up in this version. The bacon can be passed or thrown until it gets over to your side. Again, only the person with the bacon can be tagged.

(This would be a great game to play after a couple Schlenkerla’s märzens!)

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