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How to Play Blind Man’s Bluff

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There are two ways to play Blind Man’s Bluff.

  1.  You can get some friends together and play. Pick one person to be “It” and mark out a playing field, designating out-of-bounds areas. “It” is blindfolded and put in the center of the playing area.The object of the game is for the blindfolded “It” to tag somebody without seeing them. The other players can move around freely within the designated field of play. Sometimes, a player might sneak up close to “It” to confuse her by saying something and then moving away before she tags them. But be careful — sometimes, “It” suspects this and turns quickly every now and then hoping for a lucky tag. When “It” tags someone, they are “it” and a new game is started. In other versions, everyone who is tagged gets blindfolded and the last person tagged is the winner!
  2. The other way to play Blind Man’s Bluff is to take out some sheet music from Schumann’s Scenes From a Childhood and sit at a piano. This is also a delightful way to play Blind Man’s Bluff!



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