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Making Play (and fun) Accessible to Children

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I believe that making play (and fun) easily accessible to my three daughters is one of my most important roles as their father.

We have dozens and dozens of board games in a hall closet upstairs. We all know where they are, and we do play them quite often throughout the year.

But, we never play as much as we do when we have a stack of them within reach, piled next to our family table during the holiday season. The mere sight of that “pile of fun” tickles the desire in each of us to start a game. This time of year, sitting around the family table to play a game or two becomes a regular event. Inevitably, you will hear someone in our house ask “Does anyone want to play….?”

When I was a young boy, my Aunt Irene arrived from Bayonne, New Jersey each year to spend the Christmas season with our family. Each night, we would spend a couple of hours at our kitchen table playing Scrabble — often, while enjoying the delicious doughnuts that she always brought with her from Judicke’s Bakery in Bayonne. Man, I miss Irene, the great time we had sitting around the kitchen table playing scrabble and those old-fashioned doughnuts with sprinkles from Judicke’s.

Do you take your boardgames out during the holidays?

What are your favorite holiday games?

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