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How to Play Mumbly Peg

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My friend Steve in Bellingham told me about a game he remembers playing as a boy. It was called Mumbly Peg and it involves;




  1. A gang of boys [or tomboys] who are either allowed to play with knives or who are playing somewhere their mother can’t see them;
  2. A jack knife;
  3. A series of knife release feats;
  4. A two inch peg; and
  5. A first aid kit (optional)

Basically, each player has to make the knife blade stick into the grass from a number of different positions.

The winner is the player who gets the knife blade to stick into the grass most. As a reward, the winner drives the two inch peg into the ground using the handle of the knife. The loser has to dig the small peg out of the ground with his teeth.

Does anyone remember playing Mumbly Peg? Does anyone remember a trick toss of Mumbly peg?

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