Facebook Game Review: Treasure Madness

Nevertheless one more Facebook game review: Treasure Madness; that entails treasure hunting and digging the land for hidden wealth. What can make this game diverse from the other video games that have the identical themes that pop up lately in Facebook?


Treasure Madness is another standard Treasure hunting game that recently been introduce to the Facebook neighborhood. Like the sport Treasure Isle by Zynga, this game is based mostly on treasure hunting and explorations. Nevertheless, you want to be asking what makes this game entirely distinct from any distinct treasure seeking game out there?
1st off we have a tendency to get a search at the interface of Treasure Madness. The element here is, this game is not fully base on Flash alone. I do observe that some portion of the game is developed out of net interface. This is typically type of distinctive with the mixture of every worlds. Overall health bars and stock menus are located on the proper element of the screen and it really is not portion of flash, rather it truly is internet based mostly here. On the centre of the display is exactly where you are undertaking your primary interaction.

The Game initial introduce you to the welcome screen and whilst you click Play, you could be present with the loading display of the Bi-Plane flying to a unknown island. This is where you game starts. Tutorial in this game is easy and rather brief.
When you reach the island you could be instructed to DIG the grown you stroll on. From there it is genuinely depends on your luck to see what you are going to uncover below. Funny half of the game right here is that if you are undertaking not realize one thing the your character can shout out loud in unusual symbols (You might get the joke to the current if you study a ton of comics) and if you are performing uncover one particular point a replacement display will pop up and provide you with a challenge.

This is the place this game genuinely shines in contrast to Treasure Isle.

Every locating can give you with a mini-game that is randomly generated and give players with a possibility to perform video games like Fruittle, Pearls Mania and some other folks more. Each games plays in a different way and this allow players to truly play the game without having acquiring bored of the identical recent situation above and above yet again.

The mini-video games are effortless to play and most will return with a easy instruction on how the game operates. Following a number of hours into the sport, I really love how the developers do with all the mini-video games as some is terribly addictive and straightforward to master for all ages. After you completed the mini-game a present can be supplied to the player. Even so if the player somehow lose for the duration of the mini-game, then no reward is offer you. By some means this game gives player with challenge to perpetually strive to beat the mini-game to obtain added bonus things.

The game itself is not only regarding digging the bottom you walk on, you will also have to reduce down trees, vines and conjointly do a quite small mining operations. But most equipment would like to be obtain and it will not return low cost. Thus for the very first couple of spherical, players will be constrained to digging the earth a bit.

A single thing I do recognize is that soon after you finish a map, player will then have to acquire a brand new map so as to carry on their treasure browsing quest. This can be in which a small bit of resource management comes in as you need to prepare a bit on what to store for and what not. Practically nothing is extremely severe on this element of the sport play.

Yet another issue we observe is the inventory system. The stock technique can be access at anytime and the appropriate facet of the display. Largely the only thing the gamers would like to tension regarding is their health as it is used to help player continue their hunting. Greatest half, fruits or health regeneration pack is properly come back back and also the wellness refill counter is also limited to thirty five seconds. It is terribly simple for your health bar to replenish whereas players take a short break.


Not incredibly the easiest graphic you will be able to observe in Facebook gaming as a variety of the texture in the game is very basic and plain. But this is not to say this is an unpleasant game to start with. This game does has its shines within the graphic department.


I do not actually comment a lot on the sound as I don’t extremely recall having any music. Sound FX and rather plain, except for this type of game it is rather appropriate as you do not extremely want to hear a great deal from the sport itself.


This is usually rather a unique game that will provide gamers of all ages’ fun and entertainment for hours to come. I for one rather get pleasure from the sport a heap particularly the mini-game portion. I would actually like to figure out a lot more contents update for this game in the future. Satisfied Looking Everybody!

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