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Childhood Play on an Autumn Day

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Autumn officially arrived this week. It’s a magical time of year.

It was even more magical as a child when you had to stretch your neck to look up at the trees – those trees that served as lookouts for pirates, a safe zone in tag and a spaceship for astronauts. When the colorful leaves fell to the ground, they served as a safe place to fall and a great place to jump in.

The smell of autumn inspired active play. Football games, basketball, kickball, base runners and hide and seek all seemed especially important during this time of year. Perhaps because we knew that the days were getting shorter and soon our time outdoors would be limited. Perhaps because the freshness in the air gave us more energy to play harder than we did on hot summer days. Autumn breathed new life into childhood play.

Make sure that your children get out and enjoy this wonderful season.

What are your favorite memories of childhood in Autumn?

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