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Street Games

The Street. Our street. Your Street?  My Street!  Any street could be transformed into a football field, a baseball diamond, a hockey rink, a track and a great place to kick the can. Every part of the street was used. The manhole covers were bases or safe places. The telephone poles were starting and finishing lines, even end zones at times. Streetlights, if you were lucky enough to have them on your street, gave a few extra minutes of play; but also signaled that it was time to head home.

Obviously, we’re not talking about major Interstate routes here. Street games were always played on neighborhood streets with good visibility and not much through traffic. Unfortunately for children today, there are more cars on the roads than there were when I was growing up and safety issues are even more important today. That said, parents know what streets are safe to play on. We used to have a very basic alert signal when a car was heard or seen approaching. “CAR!” we would shout, and play would be suspended until the car passed by. This was somewhat of an inconvenience, but it never bothered us too much and there is something magical about playing on the street, with naturally defined boundaries and long stretches to run.

What games did you play on your street? What made your street a good place to play?