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How to Play Cats Get Your Corner (Kitty Corner)

Sometimes, two artists come together and collaborate to create a really nice song. Collaborations work by combining the unique talents of two or more performers to produce one rich sound.

The same can be done with games. Cats Get Your Corner is a compilation of sorts of dodgeball and base runners, two great games in their own right. Together, they create even more fun.

Here are the rules for Cats Get Your Corner (or Kitty Corner)

What you need: Several rubber playground balls and fast feet

This great game evolved from dodgeball. It is played when one or more (depending on how many are playing the game) players are “IT”. All of the “ITs” stand in the center and get a rubber playground ball. The other players each take a spot in one of four designated corners of the playing field. When “IT” or a referee yells “Cats get a corner”, each player on a corner runs to the next corner (all the same way, either clockwise or counterclockwise, otherwise there will be chaos!)

As the cats are running from corner to corner, the “IT(s)” in the middle try to hit them with the ball(s). If they are hit before they reach the next corner, then the child hit stands by the person who hit them in the middle. When all of the ‘cats’ are hit, the player in middle with the most ‘cats’ beside her wins! This is a really fun and active variation of dodgeball!