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Kickball Rules

Kickball is an all-time classic that is as fun today as it was 30 years ago! What makes kickball such a great game is that anyone can play, and (more importantly) anyone can be good at it. All you have to do is to kick a big, bouncy playground ball. This is a great game for any group of children. Of course, it’s really fun for grown ups too. As a matter of fact, kickball is a wonderful game to play when you have a range of ages and abilities looking to do something active together.

It is my opinion that kickball is best played in a courtyard – courtyards and kickball just go together in my mind. But that might be the New Yorker in me. There is no reason that kickball wouldn’t be as fun if played in a backyard, street or field. Just go play it for goodness sake!

Here are the rules to play Kickball:

What you need: A rubber playground ball and a good kick

Two teams of anywhere from three to six players are picked. The playing field has 4 bases, including home base, just like in baseball. The players determine how many innings will be played and how many outs per inning each team is allowed.

The defensive team sets up, depending on how many are playing, to cover the field. With one pitcher, the other defensive players will cover the infield and outfield as possible. The pitcher rolls the ball to the kicker who kicks it and tries to get to base before they are hit with the ball from a defending player. If the ball is kicked foul, it is considered a strike. If a kicker misses the ball (which is unusual, but it does happen!) it is considered a strike. Three strikes and the kicker is out. If the ball is caught in the air, the kicker is out.

There are three outs per inning. The team with more points at the end of the game wins! This is a really fun game to play at any age.