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Spring Break Activities for Children

Are you looking for a fun and creative activity for your children to do over Spring Break? Something to motivate them and lure them away from the seductive glow of those pesky video game, computer and television screens? If so, I found a good one over at

Treasure hunts are fun. They fill us with memories of exciting adventures. As a child, the quest seems larger than life. It may as well be real buried treasure that we were hunting for as chidren when we followed the clues to the prize. suggests a slight twist on the traditional treasure hunt activity. Why not let the kids be the ones to hide the treasure and then create a map for other kids (or adults) to use to find it. What a great idea! Read Treasure Hunt over at for full instructions.

Then, get the neighborhood kids together for some Spring Break neighborhood fun!

You could easily adapt this activity for any age and even make it an indoor game on a rainy day. For older children, expand the geography to include the entire block or neighborhood and even have them use compasses and/or GPS to navigate the terrain. The only thing limiting this activity is your imagination. Let it go wild!