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How to Play Horseshoes

We didn’t start playing horseshoes until we were a bit older. The horseshoes themselves are weighted enough to make it a bit difficult (and somewhat dangerous) for young players to participate. Of course, there are sets available for children — we just never had them. Some people take horseshoes very seriously. There was a horseshoe league in my hometown of Peekskill, New York. They played at the Horseshoe pitch in Depew Park.

How to Play Horseshoes:

  • Divide players into two even teams
  • One player from each team stands on either side of the pitch
  • Flip a coin to see who pitches first
  • The first player for one team pitches both horseshoes
  • The first player from the other team pitches her two horseshoes
  • Add the points from that round. One point for a horseshoe within six inches of the stake. Three points for a ringer. (some amateurs count a horseshoe leaning against the stake as two points.)
  • Then, the second player from each team takes their turn, throwing both of their horseshoes. Add their points to their teammates.
  • Alternate play until a team reaches the winning score, which can be 11, 21 or 30 (or whatever you determine.)

You can find the complete and official rules for the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association on their website.