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How to Play Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam (some call it Pom Pom) is a really fun game that is usually played in someone’s backyard. Uncle Sam gives IT an advantage as IT declares who can try to race across the yard. This way, he can position himself to tag one of the scurrying players. Great fun for a large group of children.

Here are the rules to play Uncle Sam:

What you need: Plenty of players and colors

There are several versions of this game, but we grew up with Uncle Sam. Someone, again, is picked to be “IT”. “IT” stands in the middle of a playing field with the other players at one end in a safe zone.

The object is to run across the playing field to the other safe zone without getting tagged. To start, players in the safe zone ask: “Uncle Sam, may we cross your river dam?” “IT” responds selectively using some criteria. For example, if color was used as the criteria, then “IT” would respond, “Yes you may, if you’re wearing blue today.”

At that point, every player wearing blue would have to run over to the other side without getting tagged. If they were tagged, they would help “IT” in the middle. The first person tagged would be “IT” for the next game.

The last player tagged is the winner.