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Follow the Leader – The Best Game in the World!

Alright, this game doesn’t really need directions does it? Perhaps the simplest game ever invented; follow the leader is also possibly…

the    best     game     in     the     world.

But Why?

Why is such a simple game so incredibly wonderful for children of all ages you ask?

Because it can be anything that you want it to be. One minute it can be everyone trying to follow the leaders cartwheel. The next minute, it might involve everyone trying to replicate jumping rope 20 times without a mistake.

Of course, the limitless potential that Follow the Leader offers could cause the game to end suddenly if you’ve got some sort of awesome dude like the guy in the video below in your gang.

This game rocks because it can evolve as necessary to satisfy every skill level, age, geography and interest. It is a simple matter of “bet you can’t do what I do!”

Just make sure you don’t have any awesome people around when you play if you want a chance to be the leader!