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2 thoughts on “pic-up-sticks
  1. Steven Rieken

    Where can you buy pixie pick up sticks, and how do you play hop scotch again. Where can you get jacks with the rubber ball like pick up one jack then two and so on

    • Games We Played

      Hi and thanks for your enquire
      I have had a look and the best place is on eBay to purchase the pixie pick up sticks and also the game of Jacks. They are both at a reasonable price depending also where you live so good luck purchasing. To play Hopscotch is a lot of fun and you can look at the rules on how to play by watching a you tube video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZzswQaICfM
      I hope this helps and sorry for the delay in my reply.
      Cheers best regards from
      Frank @ Games We Played

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